The calamansi juice comes with healing wonders – from boosting digestion to preventing digestive problems. This freshly-squeezed drink is good to cure respiratory disorders, gout, urinary disorders, scurvy, as well as gum problems.

Here is a list of additional health benefits derived from drinking calamansi juice:

* The vitamin C present in this drink offers relief from scurvy, mouth ulcers, bleeding gums, cracked lips, cold, cough, as well as other viral infections.

* A natural skin rejuvenator, it safeguards the skin from various infections also.

* A natural deodorant, it has the potential to eliminate dandruff and act as scrub.

* The mild smell of this concentrate is a mood enhancer; hence, is suggested to be included in the bathing water to ward off tiredness and uplift the mood.

* The irresistible scent of the drink promotes primary digestion while the flavanoids enhance the secretion of digestive systems and strengthens digestive system.

* The abundance of acids enables the drink to act as a natural cleanser of digestive tract and excretory system.

* Diluted with water and flavored with salt, calamansi juice is a natural purgative, which offers relief from constipation without side effects.

* The antioxidant nature of the drink makes it ideal for averting age-related vision disorders.

* Being a good natural antioxidant, its daily consumption is ideal to prevent wrinkles and thus, delay ageing.

* The astringent and antibacterial properties of the drink make it an efficient refreshing agent for oily skin.

* Being a reservoir of antioxidants and detoxifiers, it eliminates the free radicals and toxins; thus, preventing gout as well as cancers.

* The presence of potassium in abundance enables it to eliminate the kidney stones, while the disinfectant property of the drink offers relief from urinary system infections.

* The drink is a wonderful good digestive stimulant as well as appetizer.

* The juice concentrate is known to offer relief from various medical conditions including fatigue, diabetes, cholera, rheumatism, arthritis, cardiac disorders, as well as arteriosclerosis.

Support your good health with a glass of refreshing calamansi juice daily. However, if you are allergic to citrus fruits, consult with your physician first.

Calamansi Flushing:

Upon waking up in the morning, squeeze 11 calamansi and drink it pure and fresh on an empty stomach. Take your breakfast after 1 hour.

Do this for one whole month only. This is pure alkaline and can cleanse and kill all the bad bacteria in your gut and has been known to dissolve kidney and gall stones.